(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. cetacean; finback; blue, humpback, killer, sperm, sulphur-bottom, or right whale; orca, rorqual, narwhal, blackfish, dolphin, porpoise, grampus; Moby Dick; informal, whopper. See size, animal.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A marine animal]
Syn. cetacean, leviathan, King of the Deep; see fish .
Types of whales include: sperm, white, blue, right, Greenland, sulphur-bottom, killer, gray, baleen, bottlenose, beaked, toothed, pilot, narwhal, finback, finner, humpback, beluga, blackfish, rorqual, common rorqual, blue rorqual.
2. [*Something impressive]
Syn. a Great deal, a lot, abundance, a Great quantity, large amount, corker*, whopper*, helluva lot*.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
cetacean, leviathan, aquatic mammal, humpback whale, blue whale, finback, sperm whale, beluga, rorqual, gray whale.
air hole: blowhole, spiracle
beaching of: stranding
biblical survivor of ingestion: Jonah
bone or tooth carvings: scrimshaw
carcass: kreng
comblike strainer in the mouth of some breeds: baleen
cut blubber off from: flense
diving: sounding
fat: blubber
fatty substance used in candles, ointments: spermaceti
female: cow
fictional hunter: Ahab
fin: dorsal fin
fins, tail: flukes
horned: narwhal
hunter’s whale: right whale
killer whale: orca
leaping out of the water: breaching
male: bull
perfumes, waxy substance used in: ambergris
prehistoric: zeuglodon
school: pod, gam
slapping tail down hard on surface: lobtailing
sound location: sonar
study of: cetology
toothed whales, order of: odontoceti
toothless whales that feed on plankton: baleen whale, mysticeti
young: calf
whale on, beat, whip, pound, whack, thrash.

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